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fat man 1945

The Fat Man atomic bomb being readied on Tinian (right); Fat Man’s nuclear device about to be encased (left).

fat man on transport carriage

Fat Man on its transport carriage, with liquid asphalt sealant applied over the casing’s seams. Tinian Island, 1945.

punt gun 5

The punt gun depicted in a magazine.

punt gun 2

Chief United States Game Warden George A. Lawyer, with an illegal 10’9

punt gun 3

Size comparison of a man and punt gun. 1910.

punt gun 4

Sighting a punt gun.

punt gun

A punt gun is a type of extremely large shotgun used in the 19th and early 20th centuries for shooting large numbers of waterfowl for commercial harvesting operations.

acoustic locator 15

Swedish soldiers operating an acoustic locator in 1940.

Photo Credit: Hulton Archive / Buyenlarge / douglas-self.com

acoustic locator 6

The acoustic locator could detect targets at distances from 5 to 12 km, depending on weather conditions, operator skill, and the size of the target formation. It gave a directional accuracy of about 2 degrees.

Photo Credit: Hulton Archive / Buyenlarge / douglas-self.com

acoustic locator 5

Sound location equipment in Germany, 1939. It consists of four acoustic horns, a horizontal pair and a vertical pair, connected by rubber tubes to stethoscope type earphones worn by the two technicians left and right. The stereo earphones enabled one technician to determine the direction and the other the elevation of the aircraft.

Photo Credit: Hulton Archive / Buyenlarge / douglas-self.com