Protective Garment Test (1923)

The gentlemen pictured here are WH Murphy and his assistant, of the Protective Garment Corporation of New York. By 1923, the Protective Garment Corporation of New York manufactured a light weight vest for police use and they held a live demonstration in DC. The live demonstration was located at the Washington City police headquarters. They are inventors and salesmen trying to convince the police force that these bulletproof vests truly work and save lives.

The police officers in the background (on the second photo) are all part of the Frederick County Police Department. The gun they are firing is believed to be a S&W Model 10 Revolver. Mr. Murphy stood less than ten feet (3 m) from the firing gun. He took two consecutive .38 round slugs straight to the chest. Eye witnesses claims he “didn’t bat an eye” in both cases. Later Murphy gave the deflected .38 bullet to the police officer as a souvenir. This vest weighed 11 lb (5.0 kg), fit close to the body, and was considered more comfortable than the previous types of bulletproof vests. This is pretty impressive considering the time this took place. The fact that these men were so confident in what they had to offer is astonishing as well. These are some dedicated inventors/salesmen.
Would you try taking a bullet with this type of vest on !?

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