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nazi rallies 1

The effect was a brilliant one, both from within the design and on the outside.

nazi rallies 10

Nazi rally in the Cathedral of Light, 1937.

The Gadget, the first atomic bomb, 1945 (2)

For the test, the Gadget was lifted to the top of a 100-foot (30 m) bomb tower.

the gadget 1945

Louis Slotin and Herbert Lehr with the Gadget prior to insertion of the tamper plug (visible in front of Lehr’s left knee).

the gadget 1945 2

The first atomic bomb, The Gadget, 1945.

htler last picture

Allegedly the last picture of Adolf Hitler before he committed suicide on . Hitler (right) and his adjutant Julius Schaub looking at the ruins of the Reich chancellery, April 28, 1945.


A dog being posed by a German soldier, early 1940′s

The night they ended Prohibition

The night they ended Prohibition, December 5th, 1933.

Liberation of Paris – August 1944

Liberation of Paris – August, 1944.

The end of WW2 is celebrated in Moscow’s Red Square, May 9, 1945

Celebration of Victory in Moscow’s Red Square, Soviet Union. May 9, 1945.