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has georg henke 4

Colorized versions (from two different artists).

Hans-Georg Henke – 15 Year Old German Soldier 1

His father died 1938 and his mother in 1944.

has georg henke 2

He was crying from combat shock, having been mixed in with a regular infantry unit that had been overrun by the US with hard fighting.

has georg henke 1

A fifteen year old German soldier, Hans-Georg Henke, cries being captured by the US 9th Army in Germany on April 3, 1945

nazi rallies 4

When the war began the lights were used for highlighting enemy airplanes so that the flak could easily shoot them down at night.

nazi rallies 6

The location of the rallies was the Zeppelinfeld. 1937.

nazi rallies 5

Hitler delivering his speech at the Nuremberg rallies. 1937.

nazi rallies 9

The searchlights were borrowed from the Luftwaffe, which caused problems with its commander Hermann Göring.

nazi rallies 11

Speer described the effect:

nazi rallies 8

Hitler on the podium.