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Schwellenpflug rail tracks 1

The hook-shaped plough.

Schwellenpflug rail tracks

Schienenwolf destroying rail tracks during German retreat, 1944

august landmesser 3

The first and only photo of the family, June 1938. Although it was forbidden for them to meet, they appeared together in public and put themselves at exceptional risk.

august landmesser irma ecker 4

In 1934, Landmesser met Irma Eckler, a Jewish woman, and the two fell deeply in love.

august landmesser 5

Believing that having the right connections would help land him a job in the pulseless economy, Landmesser joined the Nazi Party in 1931.

august landmesser 2

The source of Landmesser’s protest, like many great tragedies, starts with a love story.

august landmesser 1

August Landmesser, the man who folded his arms.

Himmler with his daughter, 1938 2

Visiting Dachau concentration camp.

Himmler with his daughter, 1938

Gundrun with her father, Heinrich Himmler, 1938

The Heavy Gustav, Hitler and generals inspecting the largest caliber rifled weapon ever used in combat, 1941 3

The shells were massive.