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lady in litter slaves brazil

A lady with two slaves, in Bahia, Brazil, 1860.

Aid from padre 6

Despite the danger surrounding him, Luis Padilla walked around giving last rites to dying soldiers.

Aid from padre 5

Different stories retelling the event mourned Venezuela, taking the rebellion as an unjust and unnecessary act of war.

Aid from padre 4

On 2 June 1962, units led by navy Captains Manuel Ponte Rodríguez, Pedro Medina Silva and Víctor Hugo Morales went into rebellion.

Aid from padre 3

1963 Pulitzer Prize for Photography.

Aid from padre 2

The uprising against the Venezuelan government of Rómulo Betancourt was quickly crushed but not before Hector Rondon was able to capture these iconic photos.

Aid from padre 1

Aid From The Padre, 1962.

The hell of Sierra Pelada mines, 1980s (9)

It is estimated that as much as 90 percent of all the gold found at Serra Pelada was smuggled away.

The hell of Sierra Pelada mines, 1980s (12)

Officially just under 45 tons of gold was identified.

The hell of Sierra Pelada mines, 1980s (1)

The government agreed to buy all the gold the garimpeiros found for 75 percent of the London Metal Exchange price.